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Rewind 4

Ran around Livermore on Sunday afternoon, after kingwyatt's party and before dinogrl's party.

We knew we had wine club selections to pick up, we just had no idea how many. We also wanted to talk to the wineries about ordering some wine to ship out to Costume-Con 25 in St. Louis for our party in the consuite after F&SF masquerade.

We had a club pick-up at Bent Creek, but the Howells and the Heinemans were vacationing in Spain, so we couldn't place an order.

We had a club pick-up at Cedar Mountain, and even though Earl and Linda were vacationing in Canada, we were able to order a case.

We had a club pick-up at Steven Kent, but they're a bit pricey to buy for an open party. OK, they're a lot pricey to pick up for an open party. On the other hand, we had half a case of wine for the pick-up, and snagged a few bottles of the unfiltered Merillee Chardonnay that were available.

We weren't sure if we had a club pick-up at La Rochelle, but it turned out we had a case and a half of Pinot Noir to pick up.

Because we couldn't place an order at Bent Creek, we made a stop at Thomas Coyne (who doesn't do a wine club, so we had no pick-ups). We were able to arrange an order with them.

BTW, Bent Creek, Cedar Mountain and Thomas Coyne are the wineries for our post-CC26 wine tour.

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