Andrew Trembley (bovil) wrote,
Andrew Trembley

Rewind 3

Sunday was dinogrl's birthday, and we all went up to Bombay Garden in Newark for a bit of dinner. Indian buffet is definitely vegetarian-friendly, so for once Spring wasn't foraging for the rare good vegetarian dish.

Service was crap. I think they expected us to hunt the wild waiter with a tranquilizer gun.

Food was amazing. With the prevalence of stewed dishes, Indian holds up very well to being served from a steam table. About half the selections were vegetarian, or at least ovo-lacto vegetarian (yoghurt and eggs are a regular staple). They did a great mango lassi, even if we had to dart a waiter to get some. Naan was excellent, but we had to dart another waiter to get it. Getting a bottle of sparkling wine was even more difficult, and the waiter couldn't open the bottle (so dave_gallaher had to).

I don't think I'd ever eat off the menu there (probably starve first) but I would definitely consider eating from the buffet at the new one that just opened in Santa Clara.

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