Andrew Trembley (bovil) wrote,
Andrew Trembley

The "Thank You" post...

Will repost in animelosangeles shortly, need lunch now

We worked our asses of for the Anime Los Angeles Masquerade, and I've got to say (hotel and weather problems aside) that I'm thrilled with the results.

First of all: Thank you to everybody who created great costumes and presentations, read the rules, filled out the paperwork, came to the contestant meeting, suffered gracefully in the green room (I was there with you, I know what you went through), and did some really great cosplay on the stage! We could have the best crew in the world, but without presenters, there is no show. From the audience's view, we just provided a space for you to do your thing, and (a few hecklers aside) the audience loved the show.

Now, for the crew...

The Cosplay Repair Station folks weren't our crew, but they deserve our thanks. Lana and Jocelyn and everybody else who helped were great, and I think really made things easier for the cosplayers in general.

I know ops has been taking a beating, but I've got to thank them for helping out on a pair of logistical issues that happened as the show was ending. Anastasia was a real help in collecting information and contacting people when there were problems getting a pair of objects back to their owners.

Thank you to sbeckstead, Chuck, Charlie and everybody else working tech crew, and being part of our crew for the evening. A working video feed in the green room was a first for ALA!

Thank you to Christian & Joyce, our crack facilities team, who probably felt like they were on crack after a day of fixing what could be fixed with the hotel and setting (and resetting) the house for us.

Thank you to Patricia, Ali and Greg for stepping up to the plate and helping feed people to the stage. Big thanks to Evan for letting me move him around and finally have him be our escort for entries going back to the green room.

Mondo thanks to Zelda and her team for coming in and running our green room. You may not know this, but none of them are really big anime fans, they're just some friends who really like costuming who came in to help. Big thanks to Gizmo for joining me in escorting entries to the stage through the uncovered, wet path that we were stuck with.

More mondo thanks to didjiman for running an excellent official photo station, and dealing with the rain-required move to the green room.

I can't thank our judges enough. Wayne and Jess (with Jess' husband Malcolm as clerical support) did a great job with presentation judging, and turned their awards around very quickly. hoshikage and karisu_sama gave up a big chunk of their afternoon (as did didjiman) to take workmanship judging appointments and reduce the load of backstage judging (and photo) workload by 1/3.

Finally, we had a fabulous assistant director. fairegoddess learned our systems and processes very quickly, and helped all over the place (including suffering in the rain in the green room). She's also going to be helping us with baycon masquerade (where our space constraints are going to be as bad as Anime Los Angeles 2006) to get more practice.

There's one more person who's not on our crew who we really need to thank, though. The Airtel Plaza has a weird layout and a small amount of function space (for a 1,500 person convention, at least) but hazelchaz has always been willing to commit available convention resources to support the masquerade. He's been an absolute joy to work for.

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