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Event Mayhem

I need to post these events more than a day in advance.

Come by Club Savoy for a replay of Jo-An's critically acclaimed "Chicago" show. No, really, the Chicago Cabaret last month was a blast. Since it was very sparsely attended and a lot of people lamented missing it (after they heard what they missed), it's happening again. 8:00pm tonight (Friday).

Saturday Night at Dar's Hideaway (no website, but at 10095 Saich Way, Cupertino) Empress 30 Margaret Ramirez and the folks who put "in" in "inbred," Kingfather 14 Jeff "Airstream" Tucker and Queenmother 14 "Trailer Trash" Trixie are hosting a Ho-down. 7:00, wear your cowboy boots, see how Trixie's babies are doing on their first birthday...

Sunday (2pm-7pm) is another Tent Revival Meetin' at Renegades. kproche and I are hosting, and I'm pretty sure lferion will be joining us there too.

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