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Torchwood 01x12-13

Torchwood 01x12 "Captain Jack Harkness"

Short review: A bit disjointed. Had its predictable moments (most of them). Still, charmingly enjoyable.

Torchwood 01x13 "End of Days"

Short review: A bit disjointed. I'm not sure how I feel about the resolution of the conflict (it made sense, but it was a bit muddled), and the Maguffin was from way the hell out in left field. The ending was at least better than the rest of the episode.

Overall series: a bit dodgy as a whole, with some really great episodes but also some real low points. It didn't clean up in the last two episodes like Doctor Who did last season. I still liked it.


Jack and Jack.


I had the feeling that Nancy was Jack's beard. Still, reasonably played, with Jack-Prime being a bit scared of hitting on a guy he didn't know in a public venue and our Jack trying to move slowly but not moving slowly enough.

Tosh love! I have to wonder if she was really enjoying the geeky bits with the young navigator.

Owen, Owen, Owen...

Ianto seems to have developed a backbone. Finally.

Gwen? Well, a bit less screwed up than last week.

Mr. Billis Manger? Seriously weird. Very obviously manipulating the situation. The Polaroid Land Camera Model 95 was an intentional anachronism, made from 1948-53. I'm assuming the William Hartnell hairdo was intentional.


So where the hell did the whole Devil thing come from? In #12 we had the heavy foreshadowing that Jack-Prime was gay, but we've got two whole episodes with Billis Manger and out of the blue it's finally revealed he's a devil-worshipper, and there's a giant demon, apparently related to the giant demon from last season's Doctor Who, buried under Cardiff.

Seriously, what the fuck?

The only part of it that made any sense at all was the visions that Abbadon (I'm assuming) sent to the team members. It's somewhat in character with the predictions that the Beast made to Rose, the Doctor and the research team. Of course, with our Torchwood team, they fall for it.

I liked how the people falling through time played out. Black Death, mysterious people from the past, UFOs appearing. Simple. Nice and simple.

So Jack not dying? It fits, I think. Abbadon the Destroyer couldn't destroy (or digest) whatever is preventing Jack from dying. Seriously fucked-up mojo there.

I don't quite get how Rhys was resurrected when the rift was opened. I suppose it could have been because Billis Manger was disconnected from time. I also don't quite get why Jack didn't disappear with the rest of the out-of-time detainees. As far as we know, he's in Cardiff in this time stream because he fell through the rift a hundred years ago.

But back to Manger. How the hell did he get the rift manipulator key (that Owen found in #12)? I was waiting to find that he was one of the people who built the rift manipulator, and that's why he was disconnected from time. But no. Devil worshipper. Not old Torchwood staffer, not renegade/missing Time Lord (well, I ruled that one out, it's too core to Doctor Who to appear in Torchwood), no reason or sense. Suzie's elaborate plan to come back from the dead made sense in a wild, overwrought way. This was just crazy.

I'm going to be really disappointed if Abbadon the Destroyer turns out to have been the thing in the darkness that Suzie was referring to.

Well, on to characters.

Owen keeps digging himself in deeper. Then again, that's Owen. I'm not sure he really learned that he was such a fuck-up.

Gwen proves she's easy to manipulate. Well, that's not really fair. But it's true.

I'd have though Ianto would have held on a bit longer, but he's a bit confused. Still, the last time he shot Owen to stop him, and I would have expected visions of Lisa to convince him to do just the opposite. I'm not surprised that the "that pic" (still of Jack and Ianto's kiss after Jack returned from the dead) scene was underplayed compared to what folks who saw it might have expected.

Tosh is still trying to be the voice of sanity, reason and responsibility. Poor Tosh.

And then there's Jack. He's so clearly trying to not give away the future that's supposed to happen to anybody, but he doesn't know how to deal with what's happening. He didn't want to reveal that he had lived in the past, much less the future. At some point a few of us got onto the line of thought that Jack might be actively impeding Torchwood's investigations, and I think that's very likely. Only the fairies threatened the whole of reality, and he gave up that one. The others all have been small incidents with relatively localized impact, and those Jack has been able to solve.

The cliffhanger? Well, we heard that Davies had intended to bring Captain Jack back to Doctor Who for at least an episode in Season 3/29. It's also been reported that there wouldn't be any other Torchwood characters appearing in Doctor Who and that The Doctor will never appear in Torchwood. Torchwood has been renewed for season 2 on BBC2, though, and we'll see if they can firm things up a bit better. I expect, though, when he comes back he won't be immortal any more.

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