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Oy, what a weekend. No Imperial Events...

Friday night kproche and I went out to Renegades for the first of two Halloween costume parties that they hosted. We pulled Ace & Gary out of mothballs, K took the time to add the red belts to their shorts, and had a great time.

Saturday we hauled up to Yaoi-Con and spent the rest of the weekend there. We joined up with karisu_sama, didjiman, lferion, flotsomnjetsom, and jkuroda pretty early on. Were also pleasantly surprised to run into hazelchaz who was up promoting AnimeLA. He and his co-conspirators did this by running a small hospitality suite all weekend.

Ended up presenting on three panels. The "Working with Challenging Materials" panel was pretty cool, and the audience had a lot of good questions.

Immediately following the costume panel was "Kink: Concept and Reality," which we started referring to as the "Don't Try This At Home" panel. That panel was standing room only, as we shuffled through toyboxes and discussed things and practices that look great on paper but should really be confined to print. Also discussed how some of the risk-managed ideas can still look really good in print ("thick rope distributes pressure and stress well and looks very dramatic"). Again tons of great questions, and I hope some inspiration for people.

Sunday morning we joined ScooterX for his annual "Girls Wanna Know" panel and discussed mechanics and dynamics of gay sex and m/m relationships. It didn't draw as large an audience as it has in the past, but many audience members had never been to the panel before and the audience was much less shy about asking questions than they have been in the past. 'Course that could have been because they were primed by Saturday's kink panel.

As for the rest of the convention...

Dealer's room was fabu. Bought the new translated release of Kizuna (manga) from Be Beautiful (including vol 3, which wasn't supposed to be available until December). Snagged a few untranslated manga from the Aestheticism Cybershoppe table (just have to get my transcripts in order and get registered for Japanese class sometime). Diana X Sprinkle wasn't in attendance this year, but the lovely Elin Winkler brought a bunch of her stuff along with tons of other Radio Comix and Sin Factory titles. Spent some time talking with the babes of MinkLand.

Caught the second half of the Cosplay. As Christian said "This is almost nothing like a Masquerade, is it?" There were quite a few excellent entries, and a few that wouldn't have competed well in a good gen-SF con masquerade.

The "Bishounen Auction" started a half hour late, with a half-hour of amateur theatrics. Not a good start, whether from an impatient audience standpoint or from a prospective bidder standpoint. It took nearly 10 sales (half the auction) before the auctioneer really hit stride. Note to future auctionees: dress as a popular character, particularly one popular with the Japanese guests, and you'll sell for more. Second note to future auctionees: Tease well and increase your bids. Still, the auction didn't finish until 1:00 AM, which didn't leave winning bidders too much time to have fun with their charges (the biggest reason to start on time and make sure the pace is a bit quicker).

Hung out, drank wine, watched Foamy and Weebls Stuff on the big TV in the room with friends before sleeping.

Closing ceremonies were short and sweet, recognizing the Anime Music Video contest winners and the staff and volunteers. This year's raffle (aka "Bishounen Spank Inferno") wasn't quite as large as in the past, but went really well; there were less stupid prizes in the mix. K won a Be Beautiful Manga tote bag.

Got home at 8:30 and then realized the car clock hadn't been reset so it was actually only 7:30. Ran out for dinner and then came home and crashed. Much sleep was had by all.

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