Andrew Trembley (bovil) wrote,
Andrew Trembley

We just released CC26 Progress Report 1!

Need to know... What kinds of masquerades, contests, and socials will be happening at Costume-Con 26? What's in the work for kids' costuming? Where to eat while you're in town? How to register for the first California Costume-Con in years?

It Seams To Me you can get all the latest info on Costume-Con 26 in Silicon Valley at (you'll need a copy of the free Adobe Reader to view it).

Costume-Con is a premiere venue for professional and hobbyist costumers to meet, compete, share, and socialize. CC26 takes place April 25-28, 2008 in San Jose, CA. Stay up to date with Costume-Con 26! Write us at - - if you have questions or want to volunteer.

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