Andrew Trembley (bovil) wrote,
Andrew Trembley

170 proof orange distillate...


Seriously. 170 proof orange peel distillate, straight off the pot still at St. George Spirits. It's like an orange North Korean nuclear test on your tongue. It doesn't give an alcoholic blast like you would expect, but there's this explosion of orange that just penetrates your whole body.

So, yeah, we spent the day at the Hangar One & St George open house. Most of the time was spent chatting with the employees and other folks at the party (and it was a pretty big crowd). We ran into Christine, cheese-girl extraordinaire, and chrisber and tamago.

The highlight of the day had to be the orange as it ran through the distillation process, earthy and tart early in the afternoon, kind of caramel about half way through the party and toasty with a hint of bitterness at the end. We also got to sneak samples of Lance's #2 Qi Liqueur prototype (white tea, saville orange peel, valencia orange peel, bergamot peel and honey) and Dave's rye vodka prototype.

We will be designing and making St George Spirits Special Forces field uniforms. jadecat9, we're probably going to want to come over and try to digitize some patch designs. Semper Imbibio!

Don't miss the next one at any cost.

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