Andrew Trembley (bovil) wrote,
Andrew Trembley

Printer shopping moves to printer buying...


We're buying a Xerox Phaser 8550/DP. I just don't know what dealer we're buying from yet. We'll see what the second quote looks like.

The 8500/DN is definitely priced to sell the 8550/DP instead. It's no more than $100 difference, and comes with twice the RAM, a hard drive bay (for some really cool advanced printing functions that we probably don't need so we don't need to buy the drive), faster printing and higher resolution. Oh, and the maintenance kit (basically a roller that applies silicone to the image transfer drum) for the 8500 is $100 and good for 10,000 pages, but the 8550 can use a 30,000 page maintenance kit that costs $150.

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