March 25th, 2013


Adrian Lulgjuraj & Bledar Sejko - Identitet

Albania's entry for the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest

It's a pretty solid rock number, with a big, lush orchestral score behind it. In short, it doesn't suck.

The video is... interesting. Fun, actually. The construction zone is used effectively. The melting army is a pretty cool effect, and I'm sure meaningful.


Dorians - Lonely Planet

Armenia's entry for Eurovision 2013:

More rock, but this time an indie-ish rock ballad with a message. It's a ballad-heavy year, but there's variety in the ballads.

Again, a fun video. I don't quite get why the performers are being projected in black-and-white with scrawled messages on their own headless, legless torsos. And the scrawled messages had spelling errors before the video was replaced with a copy-edited version. But fun.


Natália Kelly - Shine

Austria's entry for Eurovision 2013

Rock ballad again, but bluesy with a solo female singer. It's a decent song, and she's got a strong voice.

The video is the live performance from her selection concert. It's interesting that she didn't have any sort of fancy costume or choreography, and I think that was by design.


Alyona Lanskaya - Solayoh

Belarus' entry for Eurovision 2013

Ah, dance pop. Belarus sends us a Latin-tinted folky dance-pop number. It's kind of scattered. Where "scattered" is a nice way of saying "bad." It's Spanish and it's eastern.

We have a performance video. Unfortunately, the presence of 4 half-dressed male dancers don't really do enough to counteract the weakness of the song.


Roberto Bellarosa - Love Kills

Belgium's entry for Eurovision 2013

It's a big dance pop ballad. And it's a pretty decent big dance pop ballad.

I don't really like the video, though. It's got that wide-angle close-up thing going, and that's a very risky choice making his face very round and his schnozz look huge. The choreography is very clever, though.


Elitsa & Stoyan - Samo Shampioni

Bulgaria's entry for Eurovision 2013

I love Elitsa & Stoyan. They're Bulgarian stars of rhythm-driven pop-folk, and Samo Shampioni is off the hook. A bit of electro, a tiny spot of dubstep, and a metric ton of drums. It's much more retro than their 2007 entry. It's not a winner, but it's a lot of fun.

...and you think it's just another performance video, but it turns out to be a stack of performance videos cleverly edited together...