April 6th, 2012


Eurovision Song Contest 2012 entry 2-17

We're winding up here. Bosnia & Herzegovina are sending Maya Sar with Korake Ti Znam to Baku.

This is a charming little ballad. It's got very subtle hints of folk melodies. Sar has a beautiful voice, and works the song just enough.

And, yay! Another music video! It's got ironmongering! And manufacturing! And... a grand piano on an assembly line? No, really, the video is just as charming as the song. All those other videos that throw together bizarre imagery and don't really make any sense? This one does and tells a story. The story itself doesn't make a lot of sense, but it's coherent.

I like this one.


Eurovision Song Contest 2012 entry 2-18

We wrap up semifinal 2 with Lithuania. Donny Montell sings Love is Blind.

What starts as a big dramatic ballad changes half-way through into a disco power ballad. I'm not kidding. It's got that total 70's tinny electric wah-wah guitar and lush strings and pornobeat. But it never really resolves into that and keeps dropping back to no-beat madness. That said, Donny Montell is a pretty good singer. I wish he had a better song.

The video is the selection contest performance. Montell sings the first half of the song with a blindfold on. The beat kicks in and he rips off the blindfold. Clumsily.

I like this one, from a "corny Eurovision kitsch" point of view. I think it's a much better "crack jokes about Eurovision" song that I'm a Joker. But that's it.