April 3rd, 2012


Eurovision Song Contest entry 2-5

Belarus is a soviet-style authoritarian dictatorship, and last year's entry from them was a gushing anthem about how the performers love Belarus. This year's entry from Litesound, We are the Heroes is a bit more subtle than that.

Those first few notes are a bit... rough. After that? It's a rock-ish boy band with an optimistic lyric. It's not an obvious propaganda piece.

The video? Once again we get a selection contest performance. But it's a boy band. In motorcycle suits. So it's not all bad.

I'm not thrilled with it, but it's not bad.


Eurovision Song Contest Entry 2-6

Portugal has never won Eurovision. With Finland's win in 2006, it now may be the oldest participant that hasn't won. They're going to try to break that record this year with Vida Minha by Filipa Sousa.

It's a traditional Portuguese ballad. It's a very well-sung traditional Portuguese ballad. But traditional Portuguese ballads haven't done well for them in the past. Better than weird socialist novelty songs, sure, but it's not a winning formula.

The video is straight from their national selection contest, and it's no great shakes. It's badly synced with the studio recording they've laid over the video.

Still, I kind of like this one. It's doomed, but I like it.


Eurovision Song Contest 2012 entry 2-7

The Ukraine has won Eurovision before. Gaitanta's Be My Guest follows the formula that's won for them before.

Bubbly dance-pop number. Check. Girl knows how to work the stage. Check. Hunting horns. Wait. Hunting horns? It works. UEFA Euro Cup tie-in? Not been done before, but as pandering goes it's audacious and clever.

The video is a kind of tour/road-to/flashmob video. The director/editor has a really bad case of ADHD.

Still, I kind of like this one. It's classic Ukrianian dance pop.


Eurovision Song Contest entry 2-8

I always have such high hopes for Bulgaria. They've got a really cool pop-folk tradition. Sofi Marinova's Love Unlimited isn't that.

So what is it? It's an electropop dance anthem. It's a bit vintage.

The video is a mash-up of her stage performance and a bunch of dancers in radioactive underalls. Well, not radioactive underalls, but still.

It just doesn't do a lot for me. I don't hate it, but I sure don't love it.