March 29th, 2012


Eurovision Song Contest 2012 entry 1-13

Today you get 6, and we wrap up the first semi.

This is Should've Known Better by Danish entrant Soluna Samay.

It's a indie-rock ballad, by a gal who grew up on the road in a family of musicians. It shows.

The video is another selection contest video. They bookended it with a few words from Samay, but that's about it. She needs a better outfit, though.


Eurovision Song Contest 2012 entry 1-14

It's Buranovskiye Babushki, the "Buranovo Grannies" singing Party for Everybody for Russia.

So, yeah, it's a bunch of grannies (literally) from Udmurtia, a tiny region of Russia that has its own language. They're best known in Russia for covering western pop songs, and have parlayed an appearance on a Russian cultural news show into something of a real following. In 2010 they entered a more... traditional song, and came in third.

The video is the selection contest video. Normally I'm less than enthralled by that, but in this case we get audience reactions.

I like this one.


Eurovision Song Contest 2012 entry 1-15

Hungary sends us _Sound of our Hearts_ by Compact Disco.

It's a bit odd. I don't mean "crazy," I just mean different. It's kind of genre-bending, a techno-ish pop ballad with a strong melodic vocal.

The video is beautifully shot, but I don't really get the rich angry guy and homeless angry guy dualism.

I'm not sure what to think of this one.


Eurovision Song Contest entry 1-16

Radioactive underalls. Just sayin'.

I never thought of Austria as a hotbed of tractor-gangster-party hip-hop. But apparently it is, and Trackshittaz will be presenting Woki mit deim Popo in Baku.

I should hate this, but I don't. It's definitely a bit on the crazy/novelty side.

The video is the selection contest performance. I like the fluorescent effects.


Eurovision Song Contest 2012 entry 1-18

The first semifinal wraps up with Ireland's Jedward singing Waterline.

All you can really say about Jedward is that they're Jedward. They know what they want (to be famous) and how to get it (do whatever it takes). I kind of liked Lipstick last year, but this one leaves me with nothing.

The video is a mash-up of their selection contest performance and tour videos.

It's not Latvia, but it's not good.