March 27th, 2012


Eurovision Song Contest 2012 entry 1-5

We return today to the first semifinal, with Rona Nishliu's _Suus_ for Albania.

Nishliu has a pretty good voice, and it's a very dramatic powerhouse of a ballad. Or is that Drahmatic? Bits are really overplayed.

The video is very minimalist, kind of surreal, kind of dadaist.

It doesn't thrill me. It's not bad, it's just not great.

Oh, and Donkey Count is still at 1.


Eurovision Song Contest entry 1-6

Romania, ah, Romania. Mandinga brings us Zaleilah.

OK, I admit it, I love Balkan states ethnic-influenced folky pop. I don't expect Afro-Cuban styled Balkan pop-folk, though. That's Mandinga's thing, apparently.

So on the Eurovision cliché scale, it's pretty far up there. Balkan, pop-folk, bagpipes, accordion, dusky female lead singer, heavy percussion... yeah. Only with a hint of salsa.

The video is amusing, but not really that creative. It does show off Elena to good effect, though.

I like this one.


Eurovision Song Contest 2012 entry 1-7

Switzerland sends us a middle-of-the-road rock band. Still, they're decent, and the song is kind of fun. It's Unbreakable by Sinplus.

I'm not sure about the "rebel against technology" or "rebel against mundanity" thing going on in the video. Or the dancers in goggles.

It's OK. It's not one of my favorites.


Eurovision Song Contest 2012 entry 1-8

Belgium decided Iris (or Airis, depending on who you ask) was going to present for Belgium, and had a contest to pick the song. They ended up with Would You?

I kind of like Airis, but I don't like this song. I found some of her other songs on Youtube, and they were good. This one, not so much.

The video is just the selection contest video. Nothing exciting there.

So I don't hate this one, but it's not good.