December 12th, 2010


Two printers to get rid of...

We've got two old printers taking up space. If you want them, and you can pick them up, they're yours.

Canon S450

This is a standard inkjet printer, probably about 8 years old. We printed a bunch of the Costume-Con 26 fliers on it before we got the Phaser 560 (now dead). It includes a BCI-32e photo print head (that can be swapped for the black print head). The standard color print head is borked and color output is way off, but the print head is user-replaceable. If you buy a BCI-31e print head cartridge and swap it in, it will be just fine. Print heads can be cleaned with windex, of all things (and they probably need cleaning).

Canon i9900

This is a 13" carriage medium-format dye-ink photo printer. We printed the 11x17" Evil Genius Hall of Fame posters on it. It needs some TLC to get it back up and running, but is salvageable. It includes an extra print head, a set of nearly-full cleaning cartridges, a bulk ink system and a bunch of Lyson Photonic ink for the bulk ink system. There are three paths to get it back in operation: I liked the i9900, I liked the color range and colorfastness of the Photonic inks (and had no problems dealing with ICC profiles), but the bulk ink system was more maintenance-intensive than I really wanted to deal with. It's one of the last printers to use the BCI-6 ink cartridge (no chips in the cartridge), so it's very refill-friendly.

Rice Cookers...

We're going to replace the current steamer we use as a rice cooker with an actual rice cooker. So far we've only checked Fry's and Costco. I need to get out to some of the Asian grocery stores.

I was figuring on a computer-controlled ("fuzzy logic" "neuro fuzzy" or other goofy brand name) cool-touch style cooker.

We looked at Zojirushi. They're really cool, but they're also expensive. Right out.

Our Costco has the Aroma Professional Series 20-Cup Sensor Logic Rice Cooker for $30. That's a bargain, and the feature set is interesting, but it's also twice the capacity that we're looking for (its dry rice capacity is 10 cups, the rest we're looking at are 5.5 cup models).

Costco online has the Tiger JAG-B10U 5.5 cup rice cooker for $90. It doesn't have the slow-cooker features of the Aroma, but it does have a "scorched rice" cycle.

Fry's has the Panasonic SR-DE102 5.5 cup rice cooker for $85. It looks comparable to the Tiger and includes a steamer basket, but Panasonic doesn't make their rice cooker manuals available online, so it's hard to tell.

Any rice-cooker geeks out there with opinions?