April 16th, 2010


I wants...

I want a new pocket-sized camera. But I'm not spending my tax refund on that. The pocketable camera I have is good enough.

I want a new wide-carriage printer. But I'm not spending my tax refund on that. The current printer works just fine for now (even if I have to fight with the ink system from time to time).

I did spend a little money on an Eye-Fi Pro X2 wi-fi SDHC storage card. It's pretty cool. If the card is connected to a network and your computer is connected to a network, it can transfer pictures to your computer while you're shooting. Sound like a waste of money? Well, paired with "auto-import" in Adobe Lightroom, it's a really easy way to simulate "tethered" shooting where you can view your pictures on the computer immediately after you shoot them, without cables. Best of all, it works the same regardless of what camera the card is inserted into.

I haven't got "ad-hoc" network support working yet (because I haven't been able to test it out away from my home network), but that's a big bonus in the "Pro" model card. The others require you connect to an access point that doesn't require a web-based login, and that knocks out a bunch of hotel networks. Ad-Hoc networking lets the Eye-Fi and my laptop directly connect without an access point in the middle.