March 12th, 2009


If you've got a photo business... have got to look at Zack Arias' photography critique video blogs.

So Zack is this guy down in Atlanta who over the last few years has moved between starting a failed photography business, selling all his equipment and taking a survival job, getting back into photography by working as an assistant, building a successful editorial/music photography business and starting the "OneLight" workshop series.

A few weeks ago, he put out a call. He asked people trying to go pro if they would be willing to be critiqued in public. Critiques are based on both photography (which is valuable) and presentation of said photographs as part of a business website (which is really valuable).


We have room. We have balcony king Friday through Tuesday. $30/night more than a regular room, but (in theory) less of a crackerbox. Not checking in on Thursday because we're not throwing a party. Have an "early check-in" request in our reservation.