December 16th, 2008



It is, of course, the time for annoying things to go wrong.

My wardrobe cabinet tipped over the other night. Granted, it was badly unbalanced with everything in it and stacked on it. It's done this a few times before. This time, though, it's wonked up enough that it doesn't want to stand very well anymore, and the drawers are sticking badly. I see a trip to Ikea in our future.

We've got a ground fault interrupter that keeps tripping when it rains. Trips immediately after resetting when it's raining. Resets fine after the rains let up. I'm expecting a leak tripping it.

It does look like one of the drives in the ReadyNAS is failing. It's a soft fail rather than a hard fail, which the system just doesn't deal with gracefully. I've got a support request in with the ReadyNAS team to identify the failing drive, and then I'll send the bad drive back to Hitachi for warranty replacement. At least that's only going to cost a few bucks to ship the drive out to the RMA depot.