October 27th, 2008



Ted Stevens was found guilty on all counts in his federal corruption trial. It's the first felony conviction of a sitting Senator since 1981 (New Jersey Democratic Senator "Pete" Williams in the ABSCAM sting).

So does that mean that Sarah Palin (who enthusiastically supported his Gravina Island Bridge earmark until it became a symbol of abuse) is palling around with corrupt politicians?

Speaking of Palin, apparently she's the one spreading distraction about her wardrobe. She keeps repeating the claim that the clothes aren't hers, neatly ignoring the fact that the RNC's purchase of said clothes was a violation of the McCain-Feingold Campaign Finance Reform Act regardless of whether she was going to keep them or not.

A great quote from a flocked post on my flist...

And I can't fathom a world where McCain & Palin are in charge. Or where Prop. 8 passes. No, I'm not threatening to move to another country -- the point is, this is my home & that's exactly why it bothers me that those people could be in charge & ruin it even further than Dubya has. If I didn't care about America, I'd have just up & left, I wouldn't follow politics, I wouldn't rant & rave. I believe in a free country, where civil rights are prized & protected, & I've seen all of this trampled.