October 23rd, 2008


What did I say about wholesale disenfranchisement?

The Michigan Republican Party just settled a lawsuit over a voter registration fraud scheme.

The terms of the settlement (allegedly, the terms are not actually public) include the Michigan Republican Party admitting they were engaging in an illegal scheme to use mortgage foreclosure lists to disenfranchise voters.

Strangely enough, the Michigan GOP press release claims this was a frivolous lawsuit. It doesn't deny the existence of the scheme, but instead claims there's no proof that the scheme existed.

While this statement may be legally correct, it doesn't actually contradict the Democrats' statement. Neither side has an interest in violating the settlement; that would be bad.

This just in...

The mainstream media is attacking John McCain! The mainstream media is attacking John McCain!

Of course, that depends on whether you believe The Wall Street Journal is "mainstream" or "conservative" (I believe that, for better or worse, it's both). The author is James P. Rubin (hardly a conservative stalwart), but still, The Wall Street Journal.

McCain Is No Straight-Talker on Foreign Affairs

So it's come to blackmail...

The supporters of Proposition 8 have started sending threatening letters to business leaders who have contributed to the "No on 8" campaign.

Want to see the blackmail letter? Here's the pdf.

It's pretty inept blackmail.

"You're an open supporter of our opponents. We're going to publish that you're a supporter of our opponents! Something everybody already knows! Take that!"

Morally bankrupt? Incompetent? How about morally bankrupt and incompetent.