October 22nd, 2008


Not the politics!

Last night I decided to upgrade my Ubuntu installation to the "Intrepid Ibex" 8.10 beta release. Yes, I know, the "gold" release is in only 8 days.


When I set up Ubuntu 8.04 on the D600 (with an ATI display controller), I ran into some problems. Running two displays was wonky. Getting video over to the second display was wonky. MythTV would crash when attempting to play MPEG-2 videos. Getting audio out to the USB speakers was odd. I never could get my Bluetooth tablet to work. Recently, new divx .avi files would not play (so I had to use Windows to play them).

8.10 beta has its own oddness, but...

Multiple display support with Xinerama works beautifully.

PulseAudio works beautifully.

All my divx .avi files play fine.

MythTV plays all my files fine.

The Bluetooth tablet works great.

All in all, a major improvement.

WFC2009 date change

Press Release 2008-4


A California Non-Profit Corporation
PO Box 61363, Sunnyvale CA 94088-1363 USA

info@sfsfc.org; http://www.sfsfc.org/

For release: October 22, 2008

2009 World Fantasy Con Changes Dates

Due to a scheduling conflict with the hotel, the 2009 World Fantasy Convention in San Jose, California, will be held one week earlier than previously announced. The new dates are Thursday, October 29 through Sunday, November 1, 2009. The venue remains unchanged: the Fairmont San Jose. Any person who purchased a membership for the originally announced dates of November 5-8, 2009 will have the opportunity for a full refund of his/her membership if they are unable to attend on the new dates.

Convention Chairman David Gallaher explained, "The Fairmont came to us and explained that, due to internal miscommunication on their part, they had accidentally booked two events, one of which was ours, in the same space and time. After discussing it with the Fairmont, we agreed to move to the previous weekend. Agreeing to move allows us to hold the event on the traditional Halloween weekend, and has provided us with significant goodwill with the hotel."

Gallaher continued, "We understand that the change may be inconvenient for some members, though we hope that a year's notice is sufficient for most people to change their plans. Anyone who is unable to make the new dates will receive a full refund. Our staff will be on hand at this year's World Fantasy Convention in Calgary to handle any questions. We very much hope that you will come and talk to us as we are keen to hear your ideas for the convention."

Further details regarding the change of dates and instructions for applying for a refund are available on the convention's newly-redesigned web page at http://www.worldfantasy2009.org/.

Memberships in the 2009 WFC are currently $100 and will remain at that rate until November 10, 2008 at which time they will increase to $125.

Members who previously purchased a membership to the 2009 WFC and who are unable to attend due to the date change may request a refund in person at the Calgary World Fantasy Convention, through the convention's web site, or by sending a letter to WFC 2009, Attn: Refund Request, PO Box 64128, Sunnyvale CA 94088-4128, USA.

SFSFC was the parent non-profit corporation of ConJosé, the 2002 World Science Fiction Convention, ConFrancisco, the 1993 Worldcon, as well as Westercon 53 in 2000 and the 1999 World Fantasy Convention.


2009 World Fantasy Convention 2009: David Gallaher info@worldfantasy2009.org

SFSFC Inc.: Kevin Standlee info@sfsfc.org
San Francisco Science Fiction Conventions, Inc. is a California non-profit corporation recognized as tax-exempt under US Internal Revenue Code 501(c)(3).

"ConJosé" and "ConFrancisco" are service marks of San Francisco Science Fiction Conventions, Inc., a California non-profit corporation.

"Westercon" is a registered service mark of the Los Angeles Science Fiction Society, Inc. "Worldcon" and "World Science Fiction Convention" are registered service marks of the World Science Fiction Society, an unincorporated literary society.