June 7th, 2008


So the sushi bar at the Doubletree...

...it's owned by the same folks who have a restaurant in Aptos (Santa Cruz) and had a restaurant on Saratoga Avenue at Piper here in San Jose.

Well, we thought it was "had" because a while back the restaurant on Saratoga was closed, and then a big new sign and logo went up on the place.

It turns out that they were remodeling the restaurant, changing over from a small sushi bar to a larger "sushi boat" style bar, but it's the same people and it's now Totoro Sushi Boat.

Let me tell you, it's not like sitting at Isobune in the Kintetsu Mall. There you're in an always-crowded bar as mysterious and unidentifiable things go past you. It's seriously the best sushi boat experience I've ever had.

It's very good, though. The bar was kind of quiet, but most of the tables were full.

The only down-side to the bar is, unless it's really busy (and when we got there there were perhaps 6 people at the bar, but by the time we left there were probably almost 20), tends towards the "safe" rolls. There were some unusual items on the boats, like deep-fried crab claws, deep-fried stuffed shrimp, marinated baby clam gunkan and seaweed salad gunkan, but most of what was there was pretty run-of-the-mill. Still, while not particularly adventurous, it was good and inexpensive. We got out under $60.

I think we need to find out when it's really busy and go back then.