April 22nd, 2008


It's a bit nerve-wracking...

...not the con coming up, although that is too, what with too much packing and move-in for tomorrow, along with a somewhat under-subscribed Thursday tour.

What's nerve-wracking is that, for the first time since November of 2006, we intentionally shut down the Phaser 8550.

It's got a whole process to shut down for moving. The maintenance kit and the waste tray have to be removed. It's got to lock the print head. Then the ink has to set up.

After a cool-down period, it's boxed up and ready to go to the convention and be installed in the office. Then we get to repeat the process Monday afternoon.

BTW, the page count since November 2006? 19,937. Almost 20k pages, most of them for the convention.