April 7th, 2008


a nagging little question for you linux geeks...

'k, so I've got two machines.

One is running Ubuntu 7.10 (gutsy gibbon). The other was running gutsy, but now is running Ubuntu 8.04 beta (hardy heron).

On both machines I mount an NFS share. My mountpoint is at /mnt/tardis-media on both of them. My fstab line is the same on both of them.

Here's the difference. When I mount the share on one machine, the folder displays on the desktop and in the "places" view of the Gnome explorer.

When I mount the share on the second machine, it doesn't. Didn't on gutsy, doesn't on a completely reinstalled hardy. I'm baffled.

I would really like the share to be easier to get to (rather than navigating to /mnt/tardis-media.

Any ideas?