April 2nd, 2008


FurCon 2009 Rooms

The announcement went up on furcon and, not surprisingly, the 8 suites available for attendees are already booked.

We've got ours, and an email in asking for an exec level room.

Rooms are still available. Book yours now.

April 2, 1998

So most women out there would probably be surprised by a guy remembering an anniversary celebration (I'm bad with birthdays, except for K's).

Of course, one way to ensure that an anniversary surprise is an anniversary surprise is to do it a day early. On April Fool's Day. Yes, having regular Wednesday plans was the biggest reason.

But yeah. 10 years today.

More on FurCon 2009 rooms

  1. Suites still sold out
  2. Not surprisingly, the number of requests for exec-level (concierge floor) rooms has already exceeded the number available. I don't know if our request was early enough, but I also don't care that much. It's just breakfast and schnackies
  3. I forecast that the hotel will not be sold out before BayCon, but will sell out before July 4 (Anthrocon in Pittsburgh is June 26-29)