January 14th, 2008


Issues up...

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Recently up:
John Purcell's (aka profgeek) Askance #6 (PDF), with an article by yours truly about the whole Core Fandom kerfluffle, and an article by Claire Brialey on the same topic but with a slightly different perspective (I think some of the differences are rather Brit-fandom culture-specific, though).

johnnyeponymous's The Drink Tank #158, featuring another "anonymous" faaanfic submission, apparently taking both Chris and frankwu to task for being confused acolytes in thrall to Cheryl Morgan and taking Cheryl to task for, well, I'm not really sure what the author is taking Cheryl to task for. Perhaps for not giving Core Fandom the deference it desires and perpetuating the myth that gen-SF conventions and Worldcon are fun. Read it and make up your own mind.


Well, it wasn't Mozy scrambling the drive that caused it to fail, it was just Mozy trying to read all over the place, and the drive failing on its own.

Since I got things back up and running (a little over a week ago), I've been able to back up the shared documents on the C drive, and a big chunk of the personal documents on the (recovered) E drive. If everything worked, when I get home the backup will be done.

Mind you, that's just a partial backup.

I've still got to re-add the shared pictures directory to the backup set. That's at least 50GB of photos to back up, and will take a few weeks to push up to the server.

I've still got to re-add the iTunes Music directory to the backup set. That's around 120gb of music to back up, and will take a few weeks to push up to the server.

I'm watching prices on the diskless Netgear ReadyNAS NV+. After reading a ton of reviews, the ReadyNAS is the only NAS appliance I've found that doesn't have a bucket of complaints in review comments.
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