January 3rd, 2008


In a fit of sanity...

...I realized I should be using rsync (the simple local mode) to copy all those files from the flaky hard drive to the good one. It's much more intelligent than a simple finder copy. I wish, though, that the documentation wasn't quite so convoluted.

Of course, I figured this out about 45 minutes before I should have been leaving the office, so the files are sitting there copying now (if they're not finished yet). We'll see what the data looks like in the morning.

It looks like it worked...

I got in to work this morning, and it looks like everything copied. All the music folders. All the photo folders. It looks like less than a half-dozen files lost. rsync was definitely the right choice to copy things.

There's still probably a bit of work to reconstitute the iTunes libraries completely (I expect that the filenames weren't preserved exactly), but that's not a real big deal.