November 30th, 2007


I'm an idiot...

...ask me how!

But seriously, while I'm not having a giant spam problem in my filtered folders, I was having to search through a ton of spam in my unfiltered folder to find a the occasional legit message.

Of course, it was a few stupid things I did.

Each pair account comes with a default mailbox and a default address. Mine is "" I never use it. I never publish it. Spammers send to it, though. To make things worse, that address bypasses my procmail filtering, so it just dumps mail into my default inbox (that I don't actually use for anything real, it's my "unfiltered" folder). I went in and set that address to discard mail; there should be absolutely nothing legitimate going to it.

I had an old address, "" It forwards to my webmaster address. I don't have access to the account anymore, so if there's a .forward I can't remove it myself. I've not been able to get the owners of that service to remove the alias. I put in a procmail recipe to discard these messages, but as it turns out other recipes were tripping first, and they were just dropping into my default inbox (that I don't actually use). I rearranged my rules so this one would trip first, so there's a big chunk of spam gone.

I set my "junk" tagging to trigger on anything higher than a SpamAssassin "3" score. I set my auto-discard rule to trip on anything over a SpamAssassin "8" score. I get very little spam that scores less than 15. I may have some mail that's incorrectly flagged, but it should drop into a folder with much less crap amongst from to pick it out.

Let's all sing

Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday dear Jesus,
Happy birthday to you.

It's the definitive Christmas carol, don't you think?