October 30th, 2007


Thinking about 12th Night...

Westermark/West 12th Night & Coronation Jan 4-6, 2008

So we'll start out with what I don't know:
I haven't been to an SCA event in nearly 10 years. I haven't ever been to a West Kingdom event. I haven't ever been to a hotel event. I haven't gone nihonjin to an event.

What I do know?
I was involved in my local SCA groups throughout much of the 90's. I come from the Northshield (back when it was still part of the Middle, and was just a "region"). I've been to several 12th Night events, including the Nordskogen 12th Night that was the first Northshield Coronet Tourney and Investiture. I've been to many camping events, and many church/school/strange-old-building events. I attended Pennsic 23 and 24. I've dressed generic middle-ages, generic middle-eastern for ugly-hot events and Italian Ren, German Ren and Elizabethan when I wanted to look nice. I've cooked feasts. I've merchanted, and never will again.

So here's the thing. In April we're running Costume-Con 26 in San Jose (yes, I realize it's the same weekend as Spring Collegium Occidentalis, but our historical costume competition is Sunday for folks who wouldn't be caught dead missing CO) at the same hotel. This is a very local kingdom event where we can talk up our conference.

Can anyone give me an idea what the schedule and activities at a West 12th Night/Coronation are like? Anything that someone who isn't a native Wester would find odd?

Is it worth getting a social-floor room to do an open afternoon Nihonjin "embassy" party, or to do a costumers' post-revel after Court?