September 27th, 2007


West Kingdom 12th Night...

Shamelessly stolen from trystbat

West Kingdom 12th Night A.S. 42
The Royalty of the West
and the The Barony of Westermark
cordially invite you to attend

Grand Coronation Festivities
January 4th-6th, A.S. 42 (2008)
Doubletree Hotel San Jose

I'm trying to figure out why West 12th Night is "Grand Coronation Festivities" but that's not a big deal.

Since the only historical we've got at the moment that fits is Japanese, I expect that we're going to look at hooking up with the Japanese crowd (and it's another excuse to get more Japanese done for furcon in a timely fashion).

Communication geekiness

'k, so I'm fiddling around with the LJTalk phone service offered by SIPPhone.

My SIP # is 1-747-006-2846

It's not enabled for call-in, so don't try calling it with a regular phone. If you have a softphone and an account on (or a LJTalk phone) you can try to call me. I'm not sure how things work if you're using a different SIP server.

rednite put together these notes for using other SIP clients. I may set up a different SIP client if it makes it easier to call people who aren't using linked LJTalk SIP services.