August 18th, 2007


I've sorted all the fabric.

...all the fabric in the house and garage, that is.

I've got 11 boxes of sorted fabric:
  1. crazy prints
  2. brocades, damasks and velvets
  3. vinyl and leather
  4. stretch knits and spandex
  5. satins and sparkle organza
  6. trim
  7. structural notions (twill tape, bias tape, buckles, zippers, zippers, zippers)
  8. solids
  9. interfacings
  10. silks, wools and linens
  11. metallics and sequins
I've got a pile of stuff for the stmungo project on the floor.

I've got three bags of scraps.

I've got 3 boxes of crap small bits that K needs to help me throw out sort through. If all goes well, I've got two empty boxes at the end of this process. Why not 3? One of the boxes of crap is a trashed old cardboard box. It's getting thrown out too.

Alas, nothing appropriate for the Japanese project.

A bit more progress...

We went shopping.

We found some green/yellow cotton windowpane plaid that will be fabulous for hakama (and if there's enough, a kataginu).

We found some striped blue denim that will be fabulous for hakama.

We found some powder-blue linen/rayon with a white stripe, should be excellent.

Found two muted itty-bitty cotton plaids. Navy/yellow/white and blue-gray/cream/green/purple.

Also picked up 6 yards of the dark blue "Heavy Equipment" at Eddie's Quilting Bee for 30% off (moving sale).