August 16th, 2007


It's going around

1. Five-eighths, one-half or three-eighths?
Whatever the pattern says. 1/2 if I'm winging it.

2. Linen, cotton, wool or silk?
You're kidding, right? Wool, not that I don't use the others. A lot. I even use <gasp>polyester</gasp>, nylon and other synthetics when appropriate.

3. Stripes, solids or prints?
Plaid. Well, not really so much. Herringbone, though. Houndstooth. Damask. Solids with a texture. Prints and stripes when appropriate.

4. Drape or draft?
Wing it. Usually just modify an existing pattern. Drape when there's nothing.

5. Pins or weights?
Depends on the material.

6. Nipper or seam ripper?
What, no razor blade or scalpel? Seam ripper, usually.

7. Pleats or ruffles?

8. Wheel or scissors?
Wheel, unless it's inappropriate for the material.

9. Princess seams or darts?
Neither. Both.

10. Flat-line or bag-line?
Bag line. Flat line if necessary (whether structurally or for time reasons)

11. Serge or French seam?
Serge, unless a french seam or a felled seam will give a better result.

12. Invisible or original sliding?
Neither, if at all possible.

13. Hooks & eyes or lacings?
Depends on the garment.

14. Corset for comfort, or corset for look? (And no, you can’t claim both.)

15. Bind, pipe or face?
Face, as long as it's appropriate.


6 boxes of fabric sorted. 1 half-done (a mostly scary crap box). Three more in the garage (which I think are pretty well sorted).

Found my really nice purple herringbone wool.

Found some more stmungo materials. A few odd calicos, a tiger-stripe black organza, a brown snakeskin velour, a green snakeskin velour...

Found nothing big enough suitable for hakama and kataginu.

If I don't find anything soon, it's either a storage-locker visit, or more shopping.