August 15th, 2007



I just happened to scan eBay and I found this...

Now the machine itself? I've got a Pfaff 332, the previous generation machine. It's a sturdy piece of equipment.

The accessories are what makes it interesting. It's got an eyelet plate with 4 center pins. It's got an "ornamentograph" machine-embroidery pantograph.

It's probably going to sell for something like $250 (although it doesn't have a manual or stitch wheel). We'll see, though.


Good: got the new Japanese costume book. It's got armor and menswear (and a bit of womenswear) from Heian through Edo.

Bad: got no actual work done on the Japanese.

Good: Getting closer to my desired result with Kung Faux chicken (shrimp, etc). The velveted chicken came out perfect, I just need to work on the sauce a bit more (it was a smidge salty, I need less soy sauce and more something else). Yay for learning and perfecting new cooking techniques.