August 14th, 2007


Progress (of a sort)

So I scanned the hakama layout diagrams and spent a bit of time scratching numbers on them. I've now got the panel sizes (2 each of 47" x40" and 47"x32" for the legs and 6 each 8"x40" for the himo). On herringbone 45" fabric that's 6.5 yards for the hakama. There's no efficient way to lay this out. Going to have more than a few large silk scraps left over. Might be good for making a kesa, though...

I probably don't have to do anything special to the kataginu pattern. The measurements I took indicate it's probably long enough (who knew?). 2 yards needed, for a total of about 8.5 yards of silk (a bit over half of my stash) used.

The question now?

Do I just start cutting the silk? Or do I dig through bins to find something else that's 8.5 yards and suitable (structurally) for hakama and kataginu and make up a test run? I'm going to have to do a test run on the kataginu anyway, it's a bit weird (and I may be wrong about the pattern being long enough). That's a decision for tomorrow, I think.

A bit more on the Japanese...

The worst thing?

If the silk was 60" wide I would have an opportunity for a much more efficient pattern lay-out. Drop a whole two yards by laying out the kataginu panels next to the leg panels... At least I think I could lay it out that way.

Have to see what I've got for other possible materials for the test run (beside quilted silver lame...).