August 12th, 2007


A moderately domestic day...

Went shopping. Picked up some more scrubs patterns (Butterick See & Sew 3823, Kwik Sew 2861, McCall's 9652, Simplicity 8088) for the St. Mungo's Project. I'm leaning toward the Kwik Sew pattern; it's got the most detailing on it; we'll see how it goes together. Picked up some fabric (check out stmungo if you want to see it). Picked up a pair of 20-watt CF "True Color" light bulbs. They make a real difference in the light quality in the studio.

Mowed the lawn.

Cooked up something lo-mein-ish for dinner.

Did a bit more reading and research for the Japanese costume project. Sorted through and identified my resource list.

I've also got a tag for costume websites that's currently only got Japanese stuff in it...

I think for PEERS we'll stick to Edo-period Japanese; it's covered by with the Folkwear patterns and the Marshall and Dobson books. Definitely want to do Heian and/or Kamakura in time for Further Confusion.