June 22nd, 2007


Free Windows IM client?


If we go back to the beginning, I dumped AOL's AIM client because the mouse-over ads pissed me off.

I've got iChat on my Mac, and it gets me into AIM and LJTalk (jabber) chat servers.

I've got Trillian on my Windows laptop, and it gets me into AIM and Yahoo IM.

Now I hardly use Yahoo IM, because during the day I'm on the Mac, and because I've got a pretty full buddy list on AIM already. I wouldn't mind being able to get into LJChat from the Windows machine, but to do that through Trillian would involve paying for the "Pro" edition of the software.

What unified IM clients for Windows are out there that provide good AIM and Jabber support and are free?

Worst product page ever...

Since I've been griping about the lack of a hot shoe on my camera, and I've been pretty happy with the little Canon optical slave flash I picked up, I decided to look into other lighting options that would work for me.

Cue Wein Products.

If you dig through their pages, you'll eventually find the "Safe Sync" product page, touting their sync adapters for high-voltage professional photo lighting.

Half-way down the page, though, is the "Digital Smart Slave" product line. It's got pretty much nothing to do with the "Safe Sync" products, as far as I can tell.

It seems, from what I've been able to gather, to be the best optical slave trigger module on the market. It definitely opens up some new lighting opportunities.