June 21st, 2007


Bay Area Science Fiction Association looking for meeting space...

I call on the LJ communal brain ('cuz all I've got right now is Government Cheese)

The Hick'ry Pit, which has served as basfa's meeting place for over two years, is cutting its Monday night hours. That means that BASFA is going to be looking for new digs.

We're looking for a restaurant in the Bay Area (South Bay preferred by many) that can meet our needs:
1. Banquet/Meeting room that can seat 20-30 people
2. Availability of the room from 7:00pm - 10:00pm every Monday night
3. A reasonable variety in the menu
4. Attentive wait staff that can deal with a 30 person meeting without going insane
5. We prefer no minimum order per-person.
6. We would consider a room deposit if a venue asked for one

BASFA has, in the past, met at a Round Table Pizza. We've evaluated the Sonoma Chicken Coop as an option, but the one in Campbell was lacking (the room was tiny, and we couldn't hear the orders being called).

If you can suggest a place, comment on Dave's entry in the club LJ community. A short description of the venue, along with links to a website or on-line menu, will be appreciated.