May 24th, 2007


BayCon to-do list update, Thursday morning edition

BASFA meeting
get tri-folds to trystbat for C13
print tri-folds for BayCon (on the matte stock)
print tri-folds for Fanime (ditto)
print Ahwhaneecon stuff for BayCon (ditto)
finish laundry
find ribbon box
shopping for party
get music finished for party
pack for the con (well, mostly)
  • two party footlockers, mostly done
  • party chest (semi-optional)
  • party tub (semi-optional)
  • barstool
  • two suitcases, mostly done
  • party supplies, in kitchen
  • green-room snacks, in kitchen (need to get a bit more at TJs)
  • 1 ream paper
  • baby printer
  • ribbons
  • slideshow machine

drive up to San Mateo Thursday night.

It still doesn't feel like that much is done.


I had an idea for the perfect BayCon badge ribbon, and it's too late.

Emergency Holographic
Medical Officer