December 15th, 2006


So you don't like the new LJ web interface...

If you're on Windows, go to ljwin32_sema and get semagic. You'll never use the web interface again. It's rock-solid, based on the Brad Fitzpatrick's original windows client (which means it's kind of arranged like the old old interface) and improved over the last few years by an international open-source community. I composed most of my L.A.con IV report offline in the car on the ride home using semagic.

If you're on a Mac, get xjournal. You'll never use the web interface again. The latest release has a few bugs (you may find yourself quitting and restarting it once in a while if the journal selector switches off), but it's pretty damned reliable. It's another open-source project, but the developer community is a bit smaller.

You'll thank yourself.

I use both of these on a daily basis. Strangely enough, I actually like the windows client better; it's more sophisticated (even if it's a smidge uglier). Before the main site interface redesign, it provided easy links to sections that were hard to find (it still does, but most of those sections are now easy to find in the Horizon menus).