October 24th, 2006


Bovine Mailbag

hi!..I'm #####-## and 25 years old..
I'm S.korean..and member of Freemason 2nd degree in S.korea..
people said.illuminati is a controller of all masons..and illuminati has very many conspiracy theories..
but on the web-site your symbol is a cow on the Pyramid..^^
plese.tell me..do you have connection with order of illuminati??
and what is the bovine illuminati???

and what do you do???

If you have to ask...

K and I were asked...

...to run the masquerade at BayCon 2007. After a lot of agonizing over the space (which isn't ideal, but is better than it was back when K ran an ORAC masquerade in the 80s) and many other things, we decided that the best answer was "Yes."

It's going to be a bit of workload I don't think either of us really wanted to add, but it will be valuable to Costume-Con 26 for us to run BayCon's masquerade the year before our con.

I can tell y'all already that it's not going to be fancy staging. The ballroom isn't big, and it's got low ceilings so it can't support a riser stage. We've got a good green-room location, I think a good official photo location and a good fan-photo location (once the line subsides, assuming it's not being used to set out catering). Traffic paths are manageable, I hope.

We're looking for entries. If you're going to BayCon, think about entering.

We're looking for volunteers. If you're going to BayCon and are interested in helping with the masquerade, let us know.