September 11th, 2006


$150 down the drain...

Why the hell should you spend $150 on a book?

Well, what if I said it was a collection of short stories by Jay Lake illustrated by Frank Wu?

What if I said it was an artistic expression in bookbinding by specialty publisher Traife Buffet Haute Bibilio?

What if I said the end-papers are so blindingly orgasmic that you would have a hard time turning past them to read the book because they just scream to be licked?

OK, I get the "TMI" in response to the last one.

Still, the collector edition of Greetings from Lake Wu is an amazing piece of work, a collection of almost entirely fabulous stories and almost entirely fabulous art in a definitely entirely fabulous package. Sure, the Wheatland Press Edition is much cheaper (but lacking color prints of Frank's paintings and 3 new stories and paintings only in this edition). If you just want a rollicking journey through SF short fiction, get it. If you want something a bit more substantial, and with it the admiration and envy of your reading peers, pick up the collector edition.


The great "get everything done that's not done" is beginning.

Rooms are booked for Silicon (finally).
New checks are ordered (finally).
Costume College 2007 registration is filled out and mailed (finally).
Vegas airplane tickets are bought (finally).

New ribbons have to be ordered from Chaz.
Visa card still has to be replaced (unless we find the missing card).
Proof-of-insurance cards have to be replaced (unless I find the missing card).
Further Confusion memberships still have to be bought.
Gallifrey One room still has to be booked.
Costume-Con 25 stuff has to be booked.
BayCon hotel has to be booked (once there's a hotel).
Westercon 2007 hotel has to be booked.
Costume College 2007 hotel has to be booked (once our registration is confirmed)
No NASFiC (same weekend as Costume College)
No Worldcon (Yokohama, too expensive and not practical to promote CC26 at)

It's going to be strange not having a huge August build-up next year.