September 8th, 2006


The first phase of the hugo_recommend experiment...

...seems to be a resounding success.

It's there. People are subscribing/watching. People are recommending (some surprising, some entirely expected). People are commenting.

Technorati is being a bit wonky on the searches. I've got proof that the body-search within the journal works (a search on "Doctor Who" pulled up both posts yesterday with recommendations for BDP-short). I haven't got proof that the tag search across all of Technorati is going to work. johnnyeponymous posted a fanzine recommendation, after which I did the great tag-rename, and searching on 2006-fanzine-hugo in tags pulls up nothing. This is more irritating since Cheryl Morgan posted an entry in the soon-to-close Emcit blog using the same tag, which isn't being found either.

We'll see how things continue. On the calendar?
  • Nippon2007 announces their nominating window dates and deadlines
  • 2007 Hugo categories are added after January 1, 2007

Anyway, if you were a member of L.A.con IV, or are a member of Nippon2007, you're eligible to nominate for the 2006 Hugo Awards. It's not well known how much influence nominators have on the Hugo Award process. So...

Join. Read the rules. Recommend, and make your opinions known.

And then, when the time comes, fill out your nominating ballot.