March 30th, 2006


WorldCon Parties?

(posted to a few costuming lists, and I figured it made sense to post it here too)

I know, we're still mostly focused on Costume-Con and/or BayCon, but there's something (besides Masquerade) to think of for WorldCon...

Has anybody started thinking about the Costumers' Suite?

I'm not doing it this time; we're still recovering from ConJose (as is my credit card, since we didn't set specific payment requirements on hosting groups to encourage a broader range of participants).

Regardless of whether or not someone does step up to the plate, we've got party plans.

We've got a Lanai Level room at the Hilton, and since we've already got Wednesday (Hollister in 2008 <>) and Thursday (CC26 "Evil Geniuses") planned we're thinking of getting an adjoining room for at least part of the con to host the parties in (so we're not disrupting our sleeping areas).

If there are people willing to host a party and pay for the space (probably about $150-160/night after taxes) on Friday night a (post-masquerade), Saturday night (Hugo night) and/or Sunday night (dead dog) please contact me soon.

I will be posting this announcement on a few lists where I can expect to find interested people.

The forgotten holiday...

Because we're California, and because (love him or hate him) Cesar Chavez had a huge impact on the state, the state has designated his birthday a holiday.

This only happened a few years ago.

I'm a midwestern emigree, I don't have major connections to California agriculture and I'm not latino, so the date isn't ingrained on my psyche. I always remember that Chavez's birthday is a holiday, but I always forget when it is until the day before.

Chavez's birthday is March 31.


I've got a day off work that I forgot about. I knew it was coming up at the end of the month, but when the end of the month came around, I forgot.