December 13th, 2005


In the continuing story...

...of "The 'Liberal Media' is only as liberal as their conservative owners let them be" I present:

Black Ink Monday

Yesterday's cartoon protest by editorial cartoonists against media corporations (and particularly Tribune Media) underscores recent moves away from retaining staff editorial cartoonists in favor of cheaper syndicated editorial cartoons that don't (and can't) feature local events.

World Horror Convention?

Well, I wasn't really planning to go, but I keep finding more friends are going, so it might be worth it.

World Horror Convention 2006 is in San Francisco in May at that pit from hell the SF Holiday Inn Golden Gate. I have heard from several people that the art show and dealers room are great (if horror is your scene) and the party scene is legendary. No masquerade (but probably authors in goth clothes).

Hearken to the cannon's sound!

It heralds great entertainments and jollity at Further Confusion 2006: Ren Fur: A Knight's Tail!

(I writes them not, I only shouts them.)

Lest someone forget to load but a powder-charge, 'twould be wise to plan for a stray cannon-ball. The safest place wouldst be with The League of Evil Geniuses. No God-fearing artilleryman darest point even an unloaded cannon in their direction.

(Dost anyone listen to me, though? We'll see how well they listen when their heads lie in the next room.)

Come one, come all, and join the League of Evil Geniuses as they induct new members unto their brotherhood, on the twentieth night of January, in the year of our Lord 2006! Enjoy delicacies and sweetmeats the far reaches of the world, libations from 'cross the sea and perhaps even from the mysterious East!

(Now where's me pay? I hears an ale-house crying for me...)