November 4th, 2005


On the interesting front...

It turns out that Windows XP Media Center Edition appears to be based on XP Pro, not XP Home. At least that's what the installer CD tells me. On the odd side of things, when I try to use Media Center to view pictures, it tells me there are no valid picture files in a folder full of jpeg files (found the answer).

Dell didn't ship some of the install media for licensed software included with the machine, so I'm kvetching to them about that. Nothing I'll die without, and I can probably get copies from my guys at work if Dell doesn't fix it quickly.

Only irritating bit is that I didn't pop the shares on the old machine wide open, so I'm going to have to plug in a monitor to do that.

It's moving apace, though. Just have to remember to bring my Adobe CS installer disks home and K has to remember to install Corel. It's mostly there, then. Just a stack of files to transfer.

More computer stuff...

Another bit of good news.

The 5100c takes standard "low-profile" PCI-Express cards designed for SFF (Small Form Factor) cases. Just means a visit to Fry's to dig for the right card.