October 28th, 2005


Buying crap...

The old computer, it is not dead, but it is definitely old. Not the happiest piece of machinery.

So before going to bed, I decided to check out the Dell Outlet website, not really expecting to find much at midnight.


A Dimension 5100c with 1gb RAM, 160gb disk, Pentium D 820 (that's dual-core 2.8ghz), CDRW/DVD combo drive and a 9-in-1 media reader built in.

Yeah, I know, it doesn't have a DVD+/-RW like I kind of wanted, nor does it have the ATI Radeon X600SE video card (which I would like; the built-in video is analog VGA out, whereas the ATI is DVI out), but it came in under $800. I can live with that.

As for something much older, I also just picked up a junky Elna Supermatic on eBay. No, it's not pretty. It does, however, have parts I need for my own much nicer Supermatic. It's got the bolt-on knee lever (which I've rarely seen available as a part, and then in the neighborhood of $40) and the parts tray that slides under the free-arm (oy, do I need that). If there are any items in the parts tray, that's even better. We'll see if there's anything besides what's in the picture included.

There is a possibility that the knee-lever won't be of any use on my machine; I've seen notes that speak of a "conversion" to use a foot pedal (which I've got), so it might not work.


What ever happened to the days when politicians and bureaucrats didn't resign until they actually went to court?

By that I mean the Reagan days, when half the administration was under indictment at any time.

Still, "Scooter" Libby was indicted on charges of lying to two FBI agents and to the grand jury in the investigation of the Valerie Wilson leak. Obstruction of justice and perjury sound familiar to anybody?

He wasn't indicted on the actual leak charges; if that doesn't give other administration officials the shivers, I don't know what would.

The Tim Russert interview on MSNBC (Libby claimed that Russert fed him Wilson's information) is a touch interesting.

Scan update...

The Vintage Sewing Machine Manual album now also features the manual for my Kenmore Buttonhole Attachment (to fit the Kenmore 117.959, but also other Kenmore/White quick-change shank "Family Rotary" sewing machines).

Next addition is probably the manual for a White 127, an earlier machine in the series of "Family Rotary" models that White made both under their own and under Sears Roebuck label. I don't have the machine itself; the manual came in a box of attachments that happen to fit the Kenmore 117.959.

Space Pirates!

You would think Space Pirates would be cool.

Pirates are cool. Space is cool. What's not to be cool?

Space Pirates isn't cool. Well, it is cool, but it's cool like a cave in the Emmenthal that's used to age Swiss cheese. It's cool like a Velveeta distribution warehouse. It's cool like... ah, you get the drift.

Seriously. Watch the trailer.

If Commander Ursula Sky is any indication, Officer Training Course is where washouts from 80's Rock Video Bimbo College are sent by deranged career counselors.

All I can think of is Dr. Who fan videos without the production values. Well, maybe Red Dwarf without the class.