June 16th, 2005



I was worried when Lost wrapped its season that there wouldn't be anything left worth watching (well, besides Family Guy, Robot Chicken and Good Eats).

Fortunately, something deranged and twisted came along.

If you haven't been watching The Inside you're missing something...

...something creepy.

The Inside is about a FBI special investigations team that profiles and solves serial killings, only the investigations (which do stand out as excellent procedurals) definitely play a subtle second-fiddle to the relationships between the arguably fucked-up but brilliant team members.

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Taggy Goodness...

So tags are there.


There's an "Edit Tags" mode on the web that makes it really easy to apply tags to your posts afterwards. That's good.

There's a "Manage Tags" mode on the web that makes it really easy to get stats on your tag use and rename and delete tags. That's good.

When composing an entry (whether on the web or in a client... mind you the only client I know that's already supporting tags as of this minute is xjournal) the only option is a "tags" blank, so you've got to make sure you spell your tags correctly when posting. That's less than optimal. Looking forward to a tag-selection control soon.

So being obsessive, I went back and tagged all my posts. Good thing that I've only got a year's worth of posts; if I'd had more, I would have quit at a year. Hell, if I'd had more, I'd probably have quit at 2 months.

Here's the tags I've got so far:

I will probably go back and add a "queer" tag; there are a few non-drag events that would benefit from that.