June 13th, 2005


Just because the vodka is free doesn't mean you have to drink so much of it...

Yah, it was that sort of weekend.

Saturday afternoon kproche and I hauled up to San Francisco for the GLAAD Media Awards banquet.

If you follow the links, you'll see plenty of "Presented by Absolut Vodka" all over the place.

Yah, it was that sort of weekend.

The banquet was scheduled for the Westin St. Francis, but the on-going labor dispute in San Francisco made hiring support crew impossible, so GLAAD moved the banquet to Fort Mason Center's Festival Pavilion.

We kept our room reservation at the St. Francis; there just isn't much out in the Marina district for hotel space (at least that we know of).

Unexpected change aside, the Festival Pavilion turned out to be an excellent space for the banquet. The charity auction, larger than ever, had plenty of space to sprawl, and that was a good thing because by the time dinner opened it was a mob scene. We avoided most of the auction items, but K found a nice set of gemstone stud earrings that he decided he wanted.

No surprise, the vodka flowed freely. Alas, finding bartenders who could make a good cosmo was difficult.

The rest of the gang caught up; Steele, Ava, Allen, Lori, Beth, Tommy, Michelle, lobolance all made it in time for dinner, which was fabu. Hats off to whomever provided the catering.

The awards themselves, while perhaps a bit more sparse than previous years, were fun. Caroline Rhea did honors as toastmaster ("presented by Absolut Vodka, the favorite after-school snack of the Bush twins!") and dealt graciously with tech problems. Ilene Chaiken, executive producer of The L Word gave a fabulous speech when presenting Jennifer Beals with the Golden Gate Award. Hank Plante got the Pioneer Award and Alex Mapa got the Davidson/Valenti award (If you want to know what this all means, check the press release).

What everybody was waiting for, though, was Joan Garry's last media awards speech as executive director of GLAAD. It didn't disappoint. Joan can really write a speech, and she kept the audience riveted throughout.

Afterwards, we all hauled off to the VIP party (K sprung for a VIP table, so everybody got in) behind the stage. At last, a bartender who could make a decent cosmo. We stayed for a while, picked up our VIP gift bags, and headed back to the hotel.

In the morning, we were both pretty much wrecks. See subject line.

Came home, rested for a bit. Went out and did a bit of shopping, went home, rested a bit. Went out for dinner, went home, and rested a bit. Slept.

Totally skipped San Jose Gay Pride. Don't regret it a bit.