May 9th, 2005


Housecleaning notes

Big thanks to markobellydance, Lisa and Harold for their help on Saturday with the cleaning. In hindsight, it was foolish to think that even if we had many more people that we would have got more done.

The kitchen's gross-factor is way reduced. Yeah, the cabinets are still a bit icky (who puts in matte white cabinets? anywhere? fingerprint city, people!) and the floor still looks ugly (but less so), but the surfaces are clean, the microwave is clean and the cooktop is clean. The cases of wine are out in the garage where one day a wine cabinet will be. Junk has been removed from cabinets and things that belong in cabinets are now there. Just need to get the two footlockers that just came back from Utah out and emptied, and it's pretty much set for detailing.

The living room still looks like a disaster, but it's not the disaster it was. The junk mail is all sorted and bagged for recycle or shredding as necessary. Stray clothing has been recovered and moved to the bedroom.

The bedroom is still a mess, but I refolded and loaded my wardrobe cabinet, and we dug through some of the closet so it's also better.

There will be another housecleaning party, but dates are vague. We've got no events on May 21-22, but it's very likely one of those days we'll be going up to Sacramento to pick up wedding bands. If we know which day we're going far enough in advance, I'll post an evite for that weekend.

The next free weekend (I think) is June 18-19 (unless I'm missing something) and I will post something then.

What's left is completing the living room and bedroom, and complete mucking out of the studio (fabric scraps!) Again, food and iced tea during the early day (much easier in a clean kitchen) and food and wine into the evening. Drop me a comment or an email and I'll keep you in mind for the evite.