May 7th, 2005


Some days are about progress...

...rather than about completion.

The kitchen, it is almost done.

Yeah, it needs another mop-through, and the cabinets need to be washed, but the surfaces are (or will be in a few minutes) all clean.

The living room... is not done, but it's a lot better than before.

Those of you who missed, you missed a chance at a lot of glassware and other service pieces. Yeah, the folks who were here didn't take them, but it's mostly because they're tchotchke-laden too. Still, easily 2 cabinets worth of space regained (and filled again with the stuff we actually use). I think they're going to the Empress of San Jose to pick over for gift baskets before moving along to a charity thrift store.

If we've got a free day between now and BayCon we may try to schedule another housecleaning party, in which we unearth the studio. Otherwise it waits 'til June...